Basalt Napa


Basalt Chef Nick Sherman’s passion for food began at an early age. He grew up cooking alongside his mother in their family kitchen, but it was his first job bussing tables at Hollins House Restaurant at the Pasatiempo Country Club in Santa Cruz, CA that cemented his attraction to restaurants.

“I was drawn to the fast paced environment, and the respect that the kitchen got. I’m not the kind of person that kind sit behind a desk, so I decided to give it a shot,” says Sherman.

He enrolled in the Napa Valley Cooking School and upon graduation, earned a job on the line at Redd, which led to a rich career working in some of Wine Country’s most esteemed restaurants. Most recently, Sherman served as Chef de Cuisine at the Bib Gourmand Award-winning Farm restaurant at Carneros Resort, the signature restaurant at the luxury resort. Combined with his years spent at such Wine Country mainstays as Redd, Saint Francis Winery, El Dorado Kitchen, and Martini House, Sherman is equipped with a deep understanding of the pristine local product, along with varied techniques and inspiration with which to approach it.

In his role as Executive Chef at Basalt, Sherman’s philosophy is to always stay true to the ingredients – using local, fresh, seasonal items and treating them in just the right way. His style has evolved as he has matured and he prefers to let the ingredients speak for themselves.

“My style of cooking has changed as I’ve matured as a chef,” he says. “I’m really into open flame grilling, wood oven cooking and simpler techniques.”

When not immersed in the work he loves, Sherman likes to travel, getting lost in different cities and stumbling upon hidden gems and holes in the wall. An avid golfer, he can often be found on the greens in his time off and says that if he weren’t a chef, he would likely be a golfing instructor or spend his time fishing.