Robert Mondavi Winery


Jeff Mosher’s love affair with cooking began amid the flying flour and lively camaraderie of a local pizzeria in Oberlin, Ohio.  The thrill and adrenaline rush of working on the line hooked Mosher, who also loved the hands-on nature of the work.   “I’d liked cooking since I was a child,” he says.  “I like that it is practical, creative and has limitless learning potential.”  An undergrad at Oberlin College, Mosher furthered that learning with a junior year abroad studying—and eating—in Strasbourg.

Shortly after graduation, Mosher moved to San Francisco in 1997 and began working as a line cook at E and O Trading Company.  From there, he moved to Clouds where he was promoted to Sous-Chef and continued on to North Star where, as lead line cook, he managed the lunch and brunch shifts. In 2000 he joined the team at Campton Place, cooking four-star contemporary French cuisine under chefs Laurent Manrique and Daniel Humm.

In 2004 Mosher moved to the Napa Valley—arguably the epicenter of American wine and food culture—to become Sous-Chef at Copia’s Julia’s Kitchen, working with Chef Victor Scargle. After

becoming Winery Chef at Robert Mondavi Winery in January 2009, Mosher stated that, “great food and great wine go hand in hand, each should complement the other with flavors in the food bringing out and enhancing characteristics of the wine, producing a beautifully balanced meal and an exceptional dining experience.

The Bay Area’s richly diverse cuisines combined with the different positions he has held throughout his career have helped shape Mosher’s cooking and management styles.  “I try to foster a kitchen environment where everyone can be creative and share ideas—hopefully we can inspire each other on a daily basis,” he explains.  “I’m constantly thinking about new dishes and flavor combinations. I just can’t help it!”