Grant Landis’ Fresh Sound Tugs at the Heart Strings


Grant Landis is not your typical online sensation. Growing up in the provincial town of Joplin, Missouri, his musical interests began to emerge at the ripe age of four. At age twelve, he dove headfirst into writing songs of his own, taking after one of his chief musical influences, John Mayer. From then on, music was not a just fleeting hobby, but an unstoppable passion that has sparked Landis’ whirlwind of a career. And this is only the start for the 19-year-old.

Since his humble beginning, the singer-songwriter has demonstrated his versatility as a performer through his adventures that range from singing in church and at local birthday parties to headlining his own tours and appearing at festivals like OMG Music Fest. Utilizing social media avenues like YouTube, Vine, Instagram, and Twitter, he has secured a following that has grounded his presence in pop-culture as a bona fide, up and coming music artist. What began in 2014 as a few intimate song covers on YouTube has since spiraled into an explosive career rooted in the individual emotion associated with universal experiences.

In this age of digital media overload, he distinguishes himself from the seemingly infinite number of online hopefuls through the immense value he places on the element of authenticity behind a song. Tending to write about the classic love-driven endeavors of one’s youth, he applies his personal experiences to ones that are sure to resonate with a wide variety of audiences. His studio recordings and live performances alike demonstrate his diligent concern for this honest artistic intimacy.

“I have an emotional attachment to my songs, and I think that sets me apart. . . When I sing my own songs, my audience can tell that I actually have a connection, and they appreciate it.”

In 2017, Grant appeared on the Lifetime television show “The Pop Game” where he connected with Grammy Award-winning hip-hop and R&B producer Timbaland. The pair began working together under the Mosley Music Group, and quickly released the single “Another Life.” The ode to love’s poor timing pairs a bubbly acoustic guitar riff with electronic grooves to evoke in listeners an irresistible urge to sway along with the tune’s unflinching bass beats. It was a definite step in the right direction for Grant and gave him the confidence he needed to further develop himself as an artist.

After the release of “Another Life,” Landis took a brief hiatus from his music output, deciding instead to focus his energy on writing new music and expanding his fanbase.

“. . . I’m trying to mature myself and perfect everything. . . before I really start exposing myself in that way.”

It seems a little time was all he needed because in February 2019, he released the love-struck anthem “Home to Momma.” The buoyant tune solidifies Landis’ values as a singer-songwriter: relatability and edge. Reminiscent of a Lil Yachty track, “Home to Momma” is an upbeat head-bobber with a charming vulnerability that accentuates the stirring excitement of infatuation. Uniform piano chords provide the foundation for the single’s complex layering, which sheds light on the relationship between tradition and modernity within the song.

The fresh track was released independently, reflecting his taking full advantage of the progressively do-it-yourself approach of the music industry today. This newfound autonomy displays his ability to mature and grow freely as both an artist, and a person, during the short time in which he retreated to the studio.

Landis will be performing at Yountville Live on Saturday, March 16, and will surely put on a performance that will attest to even further artistic blooming.

Lauren Fish