Let Chef Ken Frank Cook You A Steak

The culinary spark was lit at a young age for Chef Ken Frank. He started in France, honed his skills with an incredibly successful run of restaurants in Los Angeles, then chose to move north to the Napa Valley wine country where he opened his second La Toque Restaurant, a Michelin-starred restaurant located in the beautiful Westin Verasa Napa where he has been delighting the taste buds of customers for over a decade. While everything on the menu is great, we suggest you put your faith in Chef Frank and choose the "Chef's Menu" -- you'll get nine courses consisting of savory dishes, cheese and desserts. It is the ultimate La Toque experience.

“Pairing wine and food is our passion. Our culinary team and Sommeliers taste together daily, constantly exploring, looking for combinations that elevate both the food and wine, creating harmony.”

His personalized style of cooking combined with a background in French cuisine uses only the freshest and finest ingredients to whisk up a mouthful of pure heaven. Chef Frank continuously innovates with unique flavors and pairs them with the best of wines.

Last year at Yountville Live, this critically acclaimed chef showed us all the tips and tricks on how to achieve that perfect outer sear with a tender, mouthwatering center for your steak. Elevating this incredible experience was a glass of vintage red from Eleven Eleven Wines, that coated our palate with soft tannins to wonderfully merry its full-bodied grace with the savory meat.

We love Chef Frank, the food he makes, and the experiences he creates for us time and time again. He’ll be preparing mouth-watering dishes for our VIP guests again this year, and while those VIP tickets are now SOLD OUT, we have a lot of other incredible food and wine experiences to share with you during our single day event, Taste of Yountville, taking place on Saturday, March 16th. Purchase your pass here.  





Lauren Fish