Chris Cosentino is Offally Good

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Chef Chris Cosentino firmly believes in using all of his materials and resources, striving to deliver meat to a table that customers are able to enjoy and respect. He doesn’t believe in wasting any part of an animal and promotes this mindset within his restaurants along the west coast. Using a technique that values principles that are not only sustainable but also humane, Cosentino has become one of the most well-respected chefs in the food industry.  

"What I try to do is make people understand a whole-animal ethic. When people realize that this is a whole animal, that there is more than just the skeletal meats, sometimes that makes people step back and they might not order any meat. They might have a vegetableentrée. Putting a face on what you’re eating sometimes opens your eyes a lot." - via meatpaper

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Born in Rhode Island and a graduate of Johnson and Wales University, Cosentino worked at Red Sage, Rubicon, Chez Panisse, Belon, and Redwood Park before opening Incanto. During his twelve year journey there, Cosentino gained critical acclaim and was able to perfect his technique of handcrafting and curing meats. With looking at a menu curated by Cosentino, one could find prime ribs, braised lamb neck, or even a pig’s head.

Having grown up in an Italian community, Cosentino’s influence and passion for Italian food are evident in his cooking. With his foreknowledge of Italian food from his family, Cosentino was able to make his cooking as innovative as it is appetizing.

Cosentino co-owns many restaurants with his partner, Oliver Wharton and parent company, Delicious MFG & CO. His current projects include Cockscomb, a highly celebrated restaurant in San Francisco, Jackrabbit in Portland, and Acacia House at Las Alcobas in Napa Valley.

“Kitchen, Cycling, and Guts” is what first catches your eye when entering Cosentino’s website. Those words help establish Cosentino’s passions and entice individuals to learn how he combines all three in his career. It is Cosentino’s constant initiative and drive that has led to his great success and this doesn’t just apply to his sapid prime menus. Aside from cooking, Cosentino is an author, cyclist, and philanthropist. His accomplishments outside the kitchen are just as impressive as the ones inside. Author of two cookbooks, Beginnings: My Way to Start a Meal and Offal Good: Cooking from the Heart with Guts, a collaborator with Marvel for Wolverine: In The Flesh, and season four winner of BRAVO's "Top Chef Masters”. A dedicated member of Chefs Cycle, Cosentino participates in an annual 300-mile bike race in order to raise money and awareness for No Kid Hungry.


If attending Yountville Live this year, you will enjoy some of Chef Cosentino’s tender and flavorful cooking. It is an experience that many rave about for days, months, and years after just one taste!

Lauren Fish