Love & War was born out of a heart for adventure and authenticity. The band is based out of Fort Worth, Texas and led by frontman Blaine Mitchell who is also known for his successful stint on season 9 of NBC’s The Voice. The art and songs from the group have been crafted and created with intentionality to inspire spontaneity, to breathe more appreciation for life, and fuel hope through life's hard times. With a love for the outdoors and the art of creating, Blaine took a road trip with several friends and band mates and created a series of live recorded singles in National Parks around the United States. Those acoustic singles/videos will be released alongside studio singles later this year 2018. Love & War is a passion project that is heavily influenced by the outdoors and Blaine’s love for adventure and life on the road. Life is a balance. Love & War is balance of music that is breathed from a genuine desire to connect others to the moments in life that make us stop and enjoy, and pause to wonder.